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Self Published
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Selfpublishing. I want a career in journalism, and Livejournal seems like the perfect (free) forum. This is obviously not a profit enterprise, and ideally that's what journalism should be.

I launch this LJ user as an anonymous forum for my views, and a way to report on the world unfolding around me, on a local level. Of course you can feel free to sue me if I slander you (I make no money from this, and so you're welcome to it!), and of course I'm available to debate any of my views that I put forward.

(Anonymous comments are screened by necessity, but I abhor censorship, and will only erase belligerant posts.)

I run thenewsroom, a community where you are encouraged to post your own stories, tout your personal opinions, and generally stir up debate in a way that promotes the ethic of journalism.

for we are of a noble breed,
that seek to change the world
armed just with words.