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re-openning this LJ. [16 Feb 2005|09:42pm]
[ mood | energetic ]

Hi to anyone who reads this!! I'm re-openning this LJ, and the associated community, thenewsroom. I'm adding more feeds to my friends list, so I can stay up to date with RSS feeds from around the world, and with any luck this will help you too.

For now, don't expect too much prolific writing - at the moment I'm probably going to be using this place to draft articles, refine my writing style, and so occasionally I'll be posting copy in thenewsroom which I'll be grateful for comments on.

Til then, best of luck.

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moron alert. [19 Jan 2004|05:41am]
i read Terry Lane's article, ...Collapse ) today, which began brashly: "At what point should we start to become concerned that the President of the United States is a dangerous moron?"

listening to a speech by the president's to NASA, within 2 sentences he'd said, "and welcome to all those who're listening by video."

Heaven help you Americans.
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